Is India all about political journalism?

Have you ever imagined why a sarpanch doing excellent work in a remote village doesnt qualifies to be a primetime story on national media? Why case of an illitrate girl of a village being sexually abused like Nirbhaya is not discussed on primetime debates? Why exploitation of farmers is only a news big enough to run on ticker on the bottom of the television screen? Why martyrdom of a  soldier doesnt attracts a serious debate like it does when some Baba makes a stupid statement? I think media is reduced to be a machinary best exploited by politicians to have their say.
False rhetorics to hate speeches, communalism to secularism, corrupts to criminals and so on are the daily topics being discussed by the eloquent, well read spokespersons of the political parties who are always willing to give most bizarre logics & explanations to defend their masters in a hope…

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