What Aam Aadmi Party achieved in 2014 elections.

After a massive vitriolic & blitzkrieg election campaign of Modi, BJP is all set to register it’s best performance in Lok Sabha elections till date.

I may sound stupid to talk about the achievements of Aam Aadmi Party in 2014 Lok Sabha elections, when all exit polls are projecting only 3-7 LS seats for the party.

The thought which inspired me to write this blog is the fact that it was Aam Aadmi Party which set the agenda and important issues of this election which no political party ever raised before and neither made them a political agenda.

Since India got independent no party really talked about the clean and accountable funding to fight elections. Every party has relied on opaque funding which is often said to be black.
Only Aam Aadmi Party is advocating to bring all political parties under RTI to ensure transparent functioning and funding.

Over 25% of leaders in two biggest national parties are having serious criminal charges. No party was and is not serious about the presence of leaders with criminal charges. Congress went even one step ahead and brought ordinance against the supreme court verdict which clearly stated that convicted leaders can’t remain member of parliament and can’t fight elections. BJP was quite keen to support it untill Rahul Gandhi tore it apart later as a part of one if his theatrics.

Aam Aadmi Party set high moral grounds during Delhi assembly elections due to which BJP was unable to form government even after getting just four seats less than majority. Obviously it couldn’t afford to attract bad light by doing hoarse trading.

Crony capitalism is rampant in India, giving undue benefits to bunch of corporates in exchange of some benefits. Its a brazen abuse of political power by politicians and no party has raised its voice against it strongly because somehow it may hurt their personal interests.

It was Aam Aadmi Party which started the debate about strong Lok Pal and corruption at all levels of which common man is the biggest victim & politicians are the biggest benefeciaries.
AAP magnified that it is the corruption which is the reason of most of the problems wether it’s price rise, poor civic ammenities, poor infrastructure, sluggish development, poor health and education services etc.

Today, people are more informed that how opaque and corrupt is the functioning of traditional political parties. Corruption committed by the politicians affects common man directly and India desperately needs political reforms to sanitise the existing political system.

For the first time people from all walks of life came out to support and campaign for a rookie Party. It is the zeal to make India better.

Aam Aadmi Party may not be winning several LS seats tomorrow but the idea of Aam Aadmi Party is very well resonating in every Indian’s mind today, which is itself a victory & biggest achievement for less than two years old party.


5 thoughts on “What Aam Aadmi Party achieved in 2014 elections.

  1. This perspective is needed at this point of time to make people realize what AAP has achieved,by looking back at past few months..
    How many things have been achieved in merely 5.5months or say1.5 yrs
    No,its not stupid…definitely not if you are an optimist.
    AAP has made us travel the right path;we’ve traveled some distance on that path..I don’t see any reason why we cant complete the journey on this right path


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