Delhi needs the Bhagoda!!

There is some extraordinary power in truth and simplicity. Whenever I say on social media or in some discussion that “I support clean politics and incorruptible political leaders” (without uttering a word about Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party), I instantly get reactions from people who do not like Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party that he is a Bhagoda, Khaansi, Muffler, Dharna, AAPtard etc. Earlier I used to get irritated after hearing all this filthy stuff but, in these eight months I have realised that even opposition doesn’t have any small evidence good enough to tarnish the image of Aam Aadmi Party other than these kiddy slangs to quarrel. What amazes me is the fact that a even a whisper of the word ‘truth’ in political context makes people realise that it has got to do something with Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal. Quite an achievement in itself!!
After its surprisingly spectacular debut in Delhi elections, Arvind Kejriwal did some seriously good work for Delhi. He tried to fix everything from electricity to water, corruption to women security etc. Babus, cops and middlemen were petrified to take bribes during his tenure as CM of Delhi. He even stood against the Delhi police for women safety which media famously called a Drama instead of Dharna but, he least cared about his own and party’s image. He filed FIRs against Sheila Dixit and Mukesh Ambani to investigate corruption charges on them and even constituted an SIT to investigate 1984 riots. Most importantly he was interacting with media and people on regular basis and was updating and answering them about his work which no CM or even MLA cares to do in any part of the country. Unfortunately he couldn’t market his good work effectively in the world of pomp and show. He was doing excellent work as CM of Delhi but later, sadly he decided to take a moral decision in the world of immoral politics to resign for not being able to fulfill his most important political promise of giving anti corruption bill i.e. Janlokpal Bill to the people of Delhi. Later army of opposition parties rebranded him as Bhagoda from an anti corruption crusader on every kind of media.
Some people argue that he is an inexperienced leader with no ideology and intellect to govern and Mr. Arun Jaitley called him maverick in his blog post which media televised for a good couple of days.
What I seriously want to ask them is fighting for the rights of common people and against corruption seriously is not an ideology? The amount of serious work which Aam Aadmi Party government did in 49 days, is the work of person with no intellect to govern? Yes, he resigned and that too on moral grounds and many people who are angry with him is just because he was doing excellent work and they could have waited for Janlokpal.
I know many people in Delhi and outside who are itching to vote for Aam Aadmi Party and have started to contribute in it’s campaign in any way possible in spite of their serious reservations about Arvind Kejriwal’s decision to resign. They are supporting it because they are intolerant to hypocrisy of saying something in opposition and doing opposite of it in power. They are intolerant to massive black money funded campaigns and voting for corrupt and criminal politicians. These people don’t like the idea of crony capitalism at all and neither they want to bribe babus and politicians to flourish their own businesses. These people are sick of tolerating errant and corrupt babus and politicians. These people want to support those 28 MLAs who stood strong in the right side in spite of getting several lucrative offers from opposition to break the party. These people want an ‘actual’ change in their lives.
I do not know how good or worse Aam Aadmi Party will do in upcoming election and neither I’m a pollster nor an owner of some media house to predict its fate. I’m only extremely confident about one thing that this election will decide the victory or defeat of Aam Aadmi. If rioters, criminals and corrupts can get re-elected again and again then why not a Bhagoda?


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