Khaas treatment of Aam Aadmi!

India, a country where over 29% (363 million) of the population is living below poverty line which spends less than Rs. 32 (rural) and Rs. 47 (urban) per day according to the report submitted to BJP government by RBI governor C Rangrajan few months back.
Ironically in India the definition of Aam Aadmi only translates to some one who is troubled, deprived of basic amenities, is unable to fulfill his/her aspirations and is living life on the mercy (subsidy) of government.
Yesterday AAM AADMI PARTY convenor Arvind Kejriwal left for Dubai to receive the award of Asia’s most inspiring and young social change maker at World Brands Summit leaving behind a massive media controversy. One of my friends (a BJP supporter) called me in the afternoon to switch on the news channel. His words were “Dekh Tere Kejriwal ne kaand kar diya” (look what a blunder Kejriwal has committed). When I listened the news that controversy is about Arvind Kejriwal flying to Dubai in a business class that too paid by the organisers of World Brands Summit, I had a good laugh first and silently murmured in my mind that media is back in the game with elections in Delhi around the corner. There were headlines calling Arvind Kejriwal a Khaas Aadmi and leading the way was Times Now with its hash tag #KhaasAadmi trending nationally on Twitter. Media repeatedly argued that it’s Mr. Kejriwal who has set these standards without actually understanding the fact that the ticket was sponsored by the event organisers and it wasn’t funded by Aam Aadmi Party’s funds. Sadly media gave the perception that he is consuming all the luxury on party funds.
What appears abstruse to me is the fact that if someone who is successful financially in a legal way and is paying his taxes, obeying the laws of land and living a life of dignity is not an Aam Aadmi? Someone who has literally earned the luxury and honour unlike our politicians whose all luxuries are take care off by the national exchequer is not an Aam Aadmi? Someone well educated who is against corruption, crony capitalism and all the illegal ways in which our political system works is not an Aam Aadmi? Is Aam Aadmi only entitled to travel in the general class of train? I’m afraid that someday media will say Aam Aadmi is not allowed to travel in an aeroplane at all. I find this criticism of media selective too in many ways.
Mr. Modi pulled off a vitriolic and blitzkrieg Lok Sabha campaign by calling himself a humble “chai wallah” (tea seller) and he used to attend 3-4 rallied daily in some corporate house’s chartered plane daily. Amazingly media neither questioned his means of travel nor the sources of BJP’s funding which spent billions in its Lok Sabha campaign so fiercely the why it is questioning Arvind Kejriwal. According to the media logic, was it appropriate for a person calling himself a humble “chai wallah” to travel daily in a chartered plane owned by a corporate house?
Certainly Arvind Kejriwal is a TRP rich cow for media but media should introspect over the level of journalism it is doing. Perhaps media should also show incredible innovative campaigns of Aam Aadmi Party and its volunteers whether it is successful Delhi Dialogue or awesome crowd funding from Twitter instead of just criticising his travel, muffler, bungalow, cough etc. Grow up media and become an Aam Aadmi!!


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