Is Kiran Bedi supporting the U-turn Sarkar?

After supporting Narendra Modi & BJP directly and indirectly on social media and television debates, today Kiran Bedi finally took the plunge and joined BJP formarily who once openly criticized Arvind Kejriwal for joining politics and called herself as a free warrior fighting from outside for the welfare of people. Social media is stormed with tweets and posts about Kiran Bedi.

Though everyone is free to join the political party of his/her choice but I have some questions for the former top cop who is best known for her work in Tihar Jail and as a former core group member of team Anna.

No Lokpal for a “Congress Mukt Bharat”?

Before 2014 Lok Sabha elections Kiran Bedi along with Anna Hazare and General VK Singh staged agitation against Congress to pass Lokpal bill in the parliament. BJP conveniently supported team Anna on the Lokpal issue and also promised to appoint Lokpal as soon as it comes into power. In the past seven months we have heard several promises to curb corruption by our Prime Minister but appointment of a Lokpal. Silence of people like Kiran Bedi, VK Singh and Anna Hazare on this issue is abstruse and ironic. After the former two joining BJP it’s now clear that neither these people were serious about a strong and incorruptible Lokpal nor was BJP.

Is Kiran Bedi supporting illegal and unaccounted funding of BJP?

Kiran Bedi has several times advocated the idea of transparent and clean funding of political parties on social media platforms and television debates. BJP is famous to run massive vitriolic and blitzkrieg campaigns and has failed to report the amount of money spent on elections to election commission several times. Is Kiran Bedi now comfortable to be in a party which has huge sources of unaccounted and black money? Will Kiran Bedi fight and campaign against Aam Aadmi Party, which not only advocates but practices clean funding and ensures transparency of sources to highest standards?

Is Kiran Bedi supporting corrupts, criminals and fringes in BJP?

As a pragmatic citizen, Kiran Bedi has always opposed the entry of corrupts, criminals and fringes in politics. Will Kiran Bedi now support those MLAs and MPs of BJP who are drenched in serious charges of corruption and crimes? Is Ms. Bedi now supports the ideology of “Ramzade and Haramzade”? Has Kiran Bedi forgotten Vijay Jolly, who was busy painting walls?

Is Kiran Bedi supporting the hypocrisy of BJP?

Narendra Modi and BJP did several tall promises during the Lok Sabha elections campaigning like how they will bring back the black money, how they will solve the problem of farmers, education and health. How their cabinet will be spot free from criminals and corrupts. The silence of Mr. Modi on the rants of fringe elements worries the entire nation but Kiran Bedi I suppose.

Is Kiran Bedi supporting the corrupt MCD?

Everyone knows how corrupt, ineffective and inefficient is BJP run MCD. By supporting BJP Kiran Bedi has actually endorsed the seven years of misrule of BJP run MCD.

In short, is Kiran Bedi supporting the U-turn Sarkar??


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