Tweet Sensibly Hema Malini

I’m still deeply sympathetic about the dream girl Hema Malini sustaining injuries in an accident which took the life of an innocent little girl too.

The minor girl was in Alto car which neither had airbags nor was as safe as veteran actor’s swanky Mercedes S Class.

Image: ToI

As per initial police reports Hema Malini’s car was overspeeding and driver of the car was arrested post accident.

“The impact of the over-speeding was such that after colliding with the Alto on the Jaipur-Agra national highway near Dausa, the Mercedes turned in the opposite direction, skidded for almost 50 metres and jumped over the road divider before coming to a halt”, police said. 

Speeding Merc came in contact to only a small portion of the Alto, but the impact was enough to kill the girl and badly injure other pasengers of the Alto.

Having said that, its still not clear who was at fault completely, as the police haven’t completed its investigation yet.

What saddened me further today is the tweet of Hema Malini where she put the entire blame of the death of toddler on her father.

If we leave the bunch of metro or big cities, practically nobody follows traffic rules to perfection. We will always see some schmuck breaking the red light in hurry, someone crossing the road in moving traffic or people driving in wrong sides just to avoid that long U-turn.

The people who are able to commute safely on such unsafe roads are due to the ones who follow rules and are always alert to escape some rule breaker to avoid an accident. They drive responsibly just not for their own safety but for the safety of others too.

Post accident, veteran actress was driven straight in the Dausa MLA’s car to Jaipur Fortis Hospital for the treatment while the victims of Alto were first taken to the Dausa hospital and later government hospital of Jaipur.

I wonder how difficult it was for the local MLA to arrange one another car for Alto victims too to ensure instant quality medical treatment for them (As they got delayed medical help, as per the girl’s father). Being the MLA of that area, it was his sole duty to take care of the victims, but sadly it didn’t happened.

While the injured MP is deeply saddened, putting the entire blame on her father will not justify anything. A little life has lost, the least you can do is not blame anyone till the police investigation is finished.


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