Politics Of Civil Servants

If a civil servant stands up against the wrongs in Political system, you ruin and trample his career under boots in the best possible way to eliminate the possibility of any other Sanjiv Bhatt, Ashok Khemka, Late Narendra Kumar or a Sanjiv Chaturvedi.
Irony is, majority of the times these officers work sans any media coverage or publicity under various kind of threats to them and their families. Its not that they are doing good work to get attention but unfortunately we only hear their names when they are transferred, suspended, sacked or murdered. Then we get to know about their good work, guts and how bravely they are fighting against the corrupt rotten system.
These guys are more intelligent, qualified, capable and shrewd than 100 politicians put together, still they are treated like their servants and are kicked from here to there like a football.
You expose corruption of any influential person you get transferred, you stand against illegal mining mafia you get murdered, you expose wrong decisions of some leader you get sacked. A small news coverage and few chaotic discussions is all it costs.
They are denied any valid reason behind the seat change for most of the times and they also don’t have the right to know.
In such hostile working conditions why would any officer would like to put his life and career at stake when very very few people care? Why would any officer let his family and friends live in fear because of him? Why would a bureaucrat take bold decisions for the welfare of people, when every time he is supposed to become the escape goat?
Dear politicians, let them work. They are the minds behind every planning and later its implementation too. Yes, we need you too to connect with public but only civil servants can solve our each and every problem if they are allowed to work independently and fearlessly.


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