Agree To Disagree

An agitated mob trampled a person to death because it believed the person was consuming beef.

Spectators in Cuttack tried their best to murder Indian cricketers with water bottles just because they lost a game against South Africa.

“Those who don’t respect the sentiments of my religion can go to Afghanistan.”

“Those who don’t support the pro people policies of my party, have an hidden agenda to malign the party.”

These are the kind of headlines we as a society are creating and our beloved media is keeping no stone unturned in helping us to savour them with delight. When you read these headlines after a gap of 10-15 days again, you find them more bizarre and hilarious. You are unable to dig any logic or reasonable reason behind them.

INTOLERANCE! Why intolerance is becoming so popular in one of the most tolerant considered countries in the world? Whether its a normal man or a politician, why they get upset to the limit where they end up saying or doing something completely unacceptable.



Our democracy has given us the right to EAT what we find tasty, drink what we find pure, wear what we find cool, comfortable and of course affordable, worship what gives us peace and speak ‘whatever’ we want to (any kind of non-sense is completely unacceptable though).

And yes, our democracy has also given us the right to disagree with what one EATS, drinks, wear, worships and speaks too. But this it.

Agree To Disagree

You just can’t go beyond disagreement. Our ancient lawmakers expected us to register our disagreement in a peaceful and civilised way and move on. They didn’t wanted us to take offence of the degree where someone is hurt physically, emotionally or mentally. Basically they wanted us to live in peace and keep ‘apne kaam se kaam”.

When we abuse someone from the bottom of our heart in our heart, its harmless and satisfying. Trust me! But when you start throwing muck, pelting stones or hatred the idea of democracy becomes farce and obsolete and you join those morons.

Tolerating something you disagree with is equivalent to allowing a person to practice her/his democratic right. 

We have to understand that every life is different, equally difficult and precious and the one living it is trying to make the most out of it. We can let them to do so, until and unless they break a law. And its our family and friends who hurt our emotions or sentiments the most, but we neither beat them to death nor we abuse or defame them with filthy means.

And do we really need to talk about how we should conduct ourselves after a game?


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