Funny Traffic Of Delhi-NCR

When we talk about Delhi-NCR we often start criticising the melancholic state of traffic in Delhi. Long and frustrating traffic jams during office hours is a normal thing and now roadies are used to manoeuvre through them.

But Delhi-NCR also includes three prominent cities; Noida, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad. Traffic is no better in these cities too, but its not under the kind of public scrutiny like Delhi is. You seldom find the traffic and roadies on roads hilarious, if you observe them closely.

Its Red Light If There Is A Cop On Traffic Signal

Indore, India - Jan. 15, 2015:   Sumant Singh Kachhawa controlling traffic at White Church Road junction in Indore, India, on Thursday, January 15, 2015.  (Photo by Shankar Mourya/ Hindustan Times) (with item)

Roadies behind the wheel often tend to imagine cop as the colour red and consider it as a signal to stop. If there isn’t a cop standing on the traffic signal, there is high probability (specially bikers) of jumping the red light.

Yellow Light Is The SOS Call

yellow light

Yellow light is meant to warn the traffic to stop. But here, roadies consider it as the do or die call to vroom through the other side. Gears go down, speed goes up and the traffic keeps moving till the few seconds of ‘red light’ are passed.

Autowala: Don’t Honk, I am Deaf And Dumb


Sharing Autowalas are the most coolest and laid back roadies on roads. Stopping in the middle of road to take and drop savaari (passenger) is normal and ignoring the honking of traffic behind is the fun part of their job.

Footpath Is The Bikers’ Lane

bikers on footpath

When a biker roadie is stuck in a massive traffic jam and he is unable to see any hope of reaching home, he doesn’t feels helpless; he innovates. He searches the broken side of the footpath (which has been broken by other biker roadies) to get his bike over for an assured smooth ride.

Wrong Side Is the Right Side

wrong side driving

Its simply defamatory, illogical and not so cool to take U-turns in a society like ours and the same thing is often reflected on our roads. You accidentally go into the wrong lane or you have to go to other side of the road or you want to skip the traffic jam, you simply go the wrong side.

This Is Sparta

this_is_sparta-wallpaper-1280x768 (1)

The Moment, a vehicle enters Noida or Gurgaon, the entire character of the vehicle changes. It starts changing lanes unceremoniously, stops following traffic signals, seat belt goes off the hook and pressure of following rules and regulations is lowered by few hundred tons.

On a serious note, 382 people died daily on Indian roads in 2014 and the number is increasing with every passing day. Over speeding, drink and drive and riding without helmets and seat belts are the causes of fatal accidents. Presently, accidents on roads are taking more lives than terrorism.

Follow traffic rules to stay and keep others safe on roads.


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