Sahitya Akademi To National Award

They face bans. They face sedition charges. They are abused. They are defamed. They are vandalised. In short, they are not allowed to disagree most of the times.

They are writers. They are poets. They are painters. They are cartoonists. They are filmmakers. They are musicians.

They are influential and well connected yet too vulnerable.

They are supposed to stay neutral or their decisions and work is judged through political glasses. They are not allowed to say wrong as wrong. And their protest is considered mysteriously politically motivated.

Nayantara Sahgal Retuned Her Sahitya Akademi Award
Nayantara Sahgal Retuned Her Sahitya Akademi Award

Nayantara Sahgal to Munavar Rana to Dibakar Banerjee, quite a few known and distinguished people are returning awards these days to protest against increasing intolerance. And quite a few people are unable to understand, why on Earth they are returning their awards. How it can change anything and how it would benefit the society.

People in India, get used to things very quickly and when something unexpected happens, they just panic and start inferring absurd logics and analogies.

Is returning the award not demeaning the jury and the award itself? Why they are returning it now? Why not, when that riot or that scam happened? Is it not politically motivated? Probably they don’t like the government in power. To whom, they are returning the award? Why they are not returning their passports too?

Dibakar Banerjee Returned His National Award
Dibakar Banerjee Returned His National Award

We will have to understand, its the award of national repute which they have returned. The award, for which millions of budding and even some of the most experienced artists aspire to get in future. The award, which is not given to everyone and anyone. It is the award which they earned after a lot of handwork, creativity, and wit. They were considered deserving for this award after their work was applauded, admired and loved by people from all quarters.

Returning the most sought after award of national repute is not easy. Forget about political motivation you need a heart of steel to do this.

And even if we assume that it is politically motivated, why it is so? Has the government given any assurance?? No.


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