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Indirect Pollution

Yesterday, I was having a very shrewd conversation with my friend about the current situation of air pollution in Delhi and how the state government is taking some serious steps including the odd-even formula for private vehicles which will change the lives of lacs of people.

My friend sarcastically said that “look I am not polluting Delhi because I neither own a car nor a bike”. We had a good laugh!

But I think many people in Delhi, who are vehicle-less right now must be thinking the same on a very serious note. Maybe you are not polluting the state, the country and the world directly but you are polluting it indirectly in several ways.

While the world leaders are brainstorming in Paris to save the global climate, here’s how you can do your bit to reduce the pollution and join the sacrosanct ‘go green’ army of the world. And I won’t ask you to stop wasting water and burning garbage (that’s understood, right?).

Don’t Waste Food

Yes, you heard it right! Production of food causes pollution of a serious kind. So, the next time, think twice before ordering that portion of your favourite delicacy and later leaving it to the fate of dustbin.

pablo (2)

Don’t Waste Clothes

It’s the latest fashion which is in our minds while we buy clothes. And many buy clothes because they don’t want to repeat the same dress in some other party. For the sake of pomp and show, we end up buying tons of clothes.

Don’t forget, the next emergency is going to be water.

pablo (4)

Don’t Waste Electricity

Don’t waste a spark even if, you can afford it.

pablo (5)

Party Less

Don’t kill me!! But the booze you guzzle on weekends is also harming our climate big time.

pablo (6)

Upgrade Gadgets Less Often

We often get tempted to buy that newly launched sassy smartphone. We are buying and throwing gadgets like anything. Give it a thought.

pablo (7)

Carry Your Water Bottle

Ironically, the Rs 20 water bottle you callously buy is not environmentally friendly in any way.

pablo (9).png


Last but certainly not the least. 😉

pablo (10)

Just think how much trouble you will have to face if you are not allowed to use the above-mentioned things in future. Chillax! It’s only odd-even rule for now.


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