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Terrorists Are Heartless, Pervert, Brutal and Inhuman. Kill Them!


I have posted this tweet of Mr. Narendra Modi who was the then CM of Gujarat, to put the things in perspective from the very beginning. Way before 2014 Lok Sabha election it was very aggressively publicised by pro-Modi lobby on social media that how Mr. Modi is strongly against the Pak-sponsored terror and how he is the only man capable enough to teach Pakistan a lesson in its own language.

Even in several Lok Sabha election rallies, Mr. Modi mocked Congress for not having a strong anti-terror policy against Pakistan and engaging in talks even when the brave jawans are killed on border. Mr. Modi posed himself as the only muscular iron leader who can tackle Pakistan from all fronts.


Ironically, the truth is that even now India doesn’t have a policy to tackle Pak-sponsored proxy war. Our supremely popular leaders have failed to make a definite counter terrorism policy which is costing us several brave soldiers in the field. We have an extremely ineffective system in place, which says that no intelligence agency can act on its own. Yes, even after having solid intel, it has to get permission from its superiors to take action.

Pathankot terror attack is the worst terror attack after 26/11 and it is very clear that it was sponsored by the Pakistani army. One of the most vital military installations of India was invaded by terrorists who were armed with all the modern arms and ammunitions. It’s one of the most important military installation because its one of the most vital quick response node to attack Pakistan.

And our Prime Minister has asked Nawaz Sharif to act against the culprits. Really?? Will any PM act against its own army to finally prove that it is involved in terrorist activities?

Why India is so desperate to keep diplomatic talks alive with Pakistan? Had this attack happened during the congress regime, BJP would have made life hell for the party in power (asking for resignations and taking stern action against Pakistan etc.).

India can make an International anti-Pak collusion with other countries having strategic business interests in India to step up the pressure against Pakistan. Now is the time to mint all those visits to several nations Mr. Prime Minister.

Right wingers (BJP) have continuously tried to highlight the hypocrisy of their opposition by ‘hook or crook’ to make it weaker step by step. Why are they silent now? They are the first ones to abuse Pakistan at the drop of a pin and to send every “anti-national” to Pakistan. Where are they hibernating? Are they not shattered by the extreme sacrifices of our martyrs?

I don’t want India to go in war with Pakistan but the least it can do is to make Pakistan pay for what it has done. France is the recent example of how terrorists should be dealt with. Terrorists are heartless, perverts, brutal and inhuman. Kill them!

P.S: Indian hackers hacked several Pakistani website in tribute to Lt. Niranjan. The message read “A Big Salute from team IBH To the familys of brave soldiers who lost their life in Pathankot Attack!! A Small Tribute to those Brave Soldiers who Laid their Precious Life for our Country and our People,.. We forgive.. We forget.. Don’t Expect Anything from us..(sic).”


6 thoughts on “Terrorists Are Heartless, Pervert, Brutal and Inhuman. Kill Them!

  1. The worst breach of national security and dignity that modi and his bjp can inflict on the nation. Seems 56 inches chest is not enough to scare pak.


  2. This proxy war is directed by Pak’s proxy government- their army. India has no robust foreign policy mechanism to deal with such onslaughts. Politics will thrive, as always with issues worth discussing taking a backseat. Congress is BJP. BJP is Congress.


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