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When Nationalism Becomes Sycophancy

When we think about South India, cities like Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mysore, Kanyakumari and so on come in our mind.

When we think about East India, states like Bihar, West Bengal and Assam come in our mind.

When we think about North-East, the seven sister states come in our mind.

When we think about West India, Bollywood comes in our minds. Industries come in our minds. Jobs come in our mind. Mumbai comes in our minds. Gujarat comes in our mind.

And when we think about North India, Delhi-NCR comes in our mind. Haryana and Punjab comes in our mind. Politics of laid back Uttar Pradesh comes in our minds.

How many times Jammu and Kashmir or Srinagar or Maa Vaishno Devi or Kargil and so on has come in our minds when we think or talk about North-India? Apart from cramming to pass in Geography tests how many times you have used the word ‘North India’ with respect to Jammu and Kashmir?


Problem is we don’t give a damn about what’s happening in the troubled state till it is with India. Majority of the people have no idea about the complexity of the problem in the valley and ironically they will never know. Thanks to their nationalist glasses. Today we live in a time where there is more hate than nationalism and more dissent than so called development.

In pre-Modi government era, we used to hear terms like Crony Capitalism, Maoists, Separatists and terrorists among others. Now we have a new set of vocabulary used extensively by the current government and some sections of the pro-government media. You could be pseudo-liberal-secular-nationalist-intellectual or an anti-national if you are speaking or commenting against the government or its policies. The more vociferously you speak, the more crude and crass treatment you will get from so called followers and supporters of the government who are sacrosanct when it comes to their nationalist credentials.

When Arnab shouts at the top of his voice about exposing the ‘pseudo-liberal’ journalist who had the courage to report both part of the stories I find it disturbing. The animated and outraged ‘pseudo-voice-of-the-nation’ of Arnab Goswami sounds fake, really fake when he questions the ‘anti-national’ agenda of the opposition and the media. Because in the zeal of questioning others Arnab carefully and callously ignored some pertinent questions which BJP needs to answer.

How nationalist it is to have alliance with PDP?

The alliance between BJP and PDP is made on the conditions of engaging with Pakistan and SEPARATISTs. And in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections manifesto of BJP, it was categorically written that it will not engage with Pakistan until Hafeez Saeed is arrested and put behind bars in India. So has the BJP government betrayed the people of India by engaging with Pakistan. In fact Mr. Modi Paid a passionate visit to the private birthday celebrations of Nawaz Sharif when Hafeez Saeed was still roaming free in Pakistan. So is the government and the PM of India anti-national?

How nationalist it is to call ISI to investigate Pathankot terror attack?

When Pathankot happened, everyone including the political class was unanimously outraged against the Pakistan and ISI. But the following incident shocked the anti-nationals and pseudo-liberals of India when ISI was called to investigate the incident in Pathankot Air base. Isn’t it the same ISI which is held responsible every time for every God damn terrorist attack on India?

My point is simple, if you are a politician or a die hard fan of any politician; you are a big time HYPOCRITE too! Admit it!

P.S: Neither I support any type of terrorism nor I have any views against the Indian Army.


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