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The idea of wandering solo liberates you.
Not worrying about who is and not with you, liberates you.
Getting lost in the crowd without having the fear of feeling alone liberates you. Because its solitude.

The idea of travelling miles without any destination liberates you.
The temerity to take the less travelled road liberates you. Because adventure is in offroading.

It is not the extensive planning but impulsive decisions to follow your heart. The idea of not having a second thought liberates you.

The idea to question the authority liberates you. Why function under a few set of rules like a sycophantic schmuck? Make more robots to do that.

The idea of having a drink at the top of a cliff by yourself liberates you. Not going places because you don’t have anyone to go with shouldn’t be the reason.

The honesty to accept the life as it is liberates you. Life may get better in future but remember, the passion to enjoy present liberates you.

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