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Demonetization | Open Letter To Mr. Prime Minister



Mr. Prime Minister,

We can deposit as much cash as we want but can’t withdraw more than 2000.

Earlier we were concerned about making money, but now we are more concerned about withdrawing money. A “democracy” where one is not allowed to spend one’s money because some rogues have been doing the loot since decades. And that too, in collusion with politicians.

I am wondering why it is only the common person who has to suffer the misery behind the garb of ‘nationalism’ when long pending reforms to start the cleaning from the top are completely ignored.

When it comes to eliminating the devil of ‘black money’, the government is finding it too hard to take action on following preventive measures.

1.No transparent political funding. All political parties get more than 80 percent of their political funding in cash. Why can’t the government in power pass a law which makes it mandatory to accept the fund only through bank transactions? Everyone knows that a lot of black money is being routed to political parties in the form of cash.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to bar cash transactions as a means of political funding when our PM himself is urging everyone to do more and more online payments? Mr. Prime Minister, why not start with your own party and start accepting only plastic money as funds for the party and set an example for others?

2.Interestingly, political parties have unanimously decided to not come under the ambit of RTI. This means they do not want to be accountable to the people of India. Due to malicious sources of funding, all parties are wary of revealing who is funding them. So, Mr. Prime Minister, if you want people of India to declare their every bit of cash in front of the government; why not make the things more fair and set an example by at least bringing your party under RTI act and become accountable to the general public.

3.When Lokpal Bill was passed in 2014, you hailed it as a big leap towards the fight against corruption and a success of people of India. Mr. Prime Minister, its been over two years and we are still waiting for the appointment of Lokpal. Appointment of Lokpal will put a tap on a lot of corruption and black money economy. What is holding you back to make the appointment? It is due to the absence of a strong anti-corruption law that people like Suresh Kalmadi, Sharad Pawar, Robert Vadra and Lalu among many others are still roaming free and enjoying VVIP privileges.

I am not against the idea of nation building exercise but its that Mr. Prime Minister, you can encourage and inspire a lot more people this way. The people who do not support any politician blindly. The people, whose family members died in the chaos of note ban. The people who lost their jobs. The families, whose sole bread winner is out of work. The people who are sleeping hungry. The people, who are not working but standing in queues to withdraw some cash.

The people of India!


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