#DelhiSmog: Climate Change is Real and it has Started Claiming Lives

We contaminated freshwater streams and aquifers to the level that now using water purifiers is a normal thing. We have even stopped thinking about the moot reason behind the existence of water purifiers.   And now, there is a new product being sold in the market like hot cakes. AIR PURIFIER. From homes to cars… Continue reading #DelhiSmog: Climate Change is Real and it has Started Claiming Lives

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Demonetization | Open Letter To Mr. Prime Minister

Earlier we were concerned about making money, but now we are more concerned about withdrawing money. A “democracy” where one is not allowed to spend one’s money because some rogues have been doing the loot since decades. And that too, in collusion with politicians.

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When Nationalism Becomes Sycophancy

In pre-Modi government era, we used to hear terms like Crony Capitalism, Maoists, Separatists and terrorists among others. Now we have a new set of vocabulary used extensively by the current government and some sections of the pro-government media. You could be pseudo-liberal-secular-nationalist-intellectual or an anti-national if you are speaking or commenting against the government or its policies.

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Complexity Of Reservation

India is a plural country with over 3,000 castes and 6 major religions. According to a survey conducted in 2014 by NCAER, India’s largest and oldest independent, non-for-profit economic policy research institute, one in four Indians still practice untouchability in some or the other way. It may not sound shocking to most of you because many people practice this medieval thing without admitting it. And this menace is most widespread among Hindus, Sikhs and Jains, as per the survey done in over 42,000 people.

In India, people are oppressed on the basis of caste, creed and religion. And it is also true that it is the person who is getting oppressed and not the entire caste but the sentiment goes down through the whole community. We are emotional people after all. We believe in fighting for the justice and equality of our ‘brethren’ and not the humanity.

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Being Anti-National

Hoping nobody is unaware about the JNU row, let us go straight to the Kanhaiya Kumar issue. The guy is a 28 years old ‘doctoral’ student from a small town in Bihar, who was arrested on the charges of sedition and beaten brutally inside the court premises after a video went viral in which he was allegedly making anti-India statements.


Sahitya Akademi To National Award

They face bans. They face sedition charges. The are abused. They are defamed. They are vandalised. In short, they are not allowed to disagree most of the times.

They are writers. They are poets. They are painters. They are cartoonists. They are filmmakers. They are musicians.

They are influential and well connected yet too vulnerable.

They are supposed to stay neutral or their decisions and work is judged through political glasses. They are not allowed to say wrong as wrong. And their protest is considered mysteriously politically motivated.


Virender Sehwag | Thank You For Hitting Fours And Sixes Around The World.

We often argue about who is the best finisher of game in contemporary times but Virender Sehwag was the only opener who used to finish the game in the first 20 overs itself. He was the only players who had the guts to hit sixes in 90s, 190s and 290s. Its Sehwag who taught India, how to score over 500 runs in a single day and win test matches by batting.

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The Truth Of Beef In India

In the past few months, there has been a lot of brouhaha going over beef and meat. Political parties are abusing each other and taking decisions on what one should eat. From Sakshi Maharaj to Manohar Lal Khattar, everyone has given absurd statements about beef eaters and their supporters. Our intolerant and radical society even… Continue reading The Truth Of Beef In India